Hey sweetheart.

I'm Karri.

As lead Creative Strategist, I'll be connecting with you during your branded photography shoot and supporting you as you film your reels. To all my educator friends, I'm your official headshot photographer, FAA Certified Drone Pilot +  photographer and there is a 100% chance I'll be wearing a David Bowie tee shirt under my Alchemy Collaborative quarter zip when I show up at your school.

My story began with a desire to capture moments of life happening around me.

Whether it’s capturing moments with my children, candid shots with the families at my church…..or just taking photos for friends….I truly love the art of photography. I recognize now the countless opportunities that I have been given through the years to document moments that are forever behind me, and I’m truly thankful. These pictures help tell my story.  

I’ve always loved being behind a camera (though I didn’t realize it at first). My love of photography became evident when my computer began slowing down from the tens of thousands of pics on my hard drive, my desk drawer at work had disposable cameras that had yet to be developed (that should tell you my age lol) and I had started working part-time with a friend doing wedding videography.

 I had an epiphany, “I think I enjoy this whole being behind the camera thing.”

I’ve realized this……

EVERYONE wants to tell their story and EVERYONE has a story to tell.

If you are an educator, entrepreneur or event planner, we want to capture your story. A single photo can communicate and caption so much about who you are and your message. We can help with that. 

words to live by

And if not….
He is still good.

Daniel 3:18

The many hats I wear:

Follower of Jesus
Wife + Mom
Worship leader
Children's pastor
Lover of sarcastic humor

all about:

My Family
Rainy-Day Reads
Cooking Magazines
McDonald’s caramel frappe 
The Office + Seinfield


lack of perspective
loud chewing

We believe in doing good work and being nice to people.