I'm Brooke,
your branding hype girl.


As a Google Certified Innovator (#COL16) and former Trainer, I've partnered my knack for technology and education with my intuition for all things creative and brought The Alchemy Collaborative to life. I'm excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you on this blog so you can learn from all my mistakes! 

Middle school teacher turned Digital Learning Coach (before those were even a thing) with experience in educational leadership across the US.

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As educational leaders, it's hard to find  an agency that can help you partner the public education system with a comprehensive communication strategy.  Are you looking for a creative agency with leadership development skills that helps you build a communication capacity of your own. Guess what? 

Maybe it was the potato business we founded on the front porch of our grandparent's grocery store when we were 8 OR the underground Laffy Taffy operation we ran as a sophomores in high school. Either way, the entrepreneur bug bit us a long time ago. We know just how crazy you are (because we are, too!) and we're ready to make magic alongside you!

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